Taking top quality images of jewellery for many is definitely an unsolved mystery. However, there are several simple techniques utilized by the professional, which even amateur photographers may use to acquire dramatic results with minimal effort. The next examples show the fundamental setup which should allow anybody to attain results they may be happy with. These images counseled me taken utilizing a Canon Digital Digital rebel camera having a 100MM lens.

The fundamental setup we used incorporated an EZcube light tent to melt the shadows and eliminate glare, while supplying a clear and clutter free background. We used TabletopStudio lights because the primary source of light, outfitted with true color daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs. We used a unique Gemstone dazzler Brought bulb to illuminate the diamonds and faceted gems within the example images in this article.

The secrets of good jewellery photography are sharpness, lighting, exposure, as well as in the situation of gem photography, creating some sparkle. Good jewellery photography needs sharp, crisp focus. It’s worth escaping . your camera’s manual to learn how to place the camera in “place focus” mode. The standard focus mode of digital camera models is some kind of average focus mode. This means that your camera will consider a wide section of a scene and base the main focus with that area. Since you need to control in which the camera is focusing, it’s better for jewellery photography to place your camera into place focus mode, this will help you to control more what the camera is going to be concentrating on. However, even just in place focus mode many digital camera models can’t really “lock-in” on the small shiny object like gem jewellery using auto-focus.So regrettably, for close-up jewellery photography, you’ll need a camera with higher manual focus capacity.

Another answer to a clear, crisp image is really a tripod. It’s essential to utilize a tripod or similar camera support when shooting jewellery. A sturdy tripod is preferable to a flimsy one, but any tripod is many occasions much better than no tripod. Make use of a tripod.

Jewelry photography tutorialAnother answer to good jewellery photography may be the lighting. Normally diffuse (soft) lighting works well with jewellery. You’ve most likely already learned that an on-camera flash doesn’t result in good jewellery photos. Not just may be the camera’s flash too vibrant at this type of close distance, but it’s most likely within the wrong position to really illuminate the jewellery correctly. On camera flash may also create harsh and distracting shadows. Instead of flash, we love to to make use of continuous lighting for product photography. Using continuous lights causes it to be simpler to visualise exactly what the final image is going to be like.

We prefer daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs for lighting. These bulbs provide nice, natural-colored light plus they produce hardly any heat to allow them to remain on for lengthy photo sessions without over heating the professional photographer. Even fluorescent bulbs will have to be diffused as well as for that people make use of an EZcube light tent because the diffuser. A little light tent makes it simple to lessen glare and control shadows for jewellery photography.

Proper exposure can also be answer to good jewellery photography. (For additional info on modifying the exposure for jewellery images check out this site.) Now lets consider some specific jewellery photography situations which go past the basics.

The main reason we frequently occasions choose to utilize an easy tent happens because it may provide easily soft lighting, instantly supplies a clutter free background together with convenient backdrop support. The Tabletopstudio EZcube’s have evolved with time with significant changes designed to the look from feedback collected at numerous hrs of jewellery photography workshops held together with Brooks Photography Institute. A few of the modifications includes new methods to hang or suspend products easier within the tent in addition to accessories designed to utilize the brand new EZcube features like acrylic rods that may be suspended inside through the new built-in grommet strips lining the very best inside.


Soft lights are produced partially through the relative size the sunshine towards the subjectJewelry photography tutorial2

One method to effect how big your light in accordance with your subject, is to place light near to the subject you’re lighting. This softens the sunshine by looking into making it bigger with regards to the topic. You will find occasions where it’s ideal to possess lights that permit the versatility to put them as near as you possibly can for your subject. Within this situation, the smaller sized the sunlight footprint the greater.

How you can add sparkle to diamonds or faceted gemstones

An easy tent provides nice soft lighting for jewellery and creates a nice image. However, the sunshine tent might not supply the direct lighting essential to “illuminateInch faceted gemstones or diamonds. Faceted gemstones & diamonds have to be illuminated with a source of light that’s positioned at nearly the same location because the camera, shining into the face from the gemstones. However, you cannot make use of an ordinary light or else you will get glare and locations.Tabletopstudio includes a produced a unique bulb, for gemstone photography, which has 36 daylight color LED’s. The Gemstone Dazzler bulb, proven above, offers the direct, focused, hard light that is required to release the fireplace of the diamonds, without producing undesirable glare! This bulb is important for gemstone photography.

The daylight colored LED’s are created to match our 5000k daylight color lighting products. This daylight colored Brought bulb is created particularly to create out a diamonds fire or add brilliance to the faceted gem without producing glare. It’s easily made to fit nicely into our sparkler lights 5” reflector.

Make sure all your lights match colored or you won’t be pleased with the outcomes. NEVER mix different source of light bulb colors. I personally use all 5000K daylight balanced bulbs its my example images, rather than desire to make color corrections. Also, leave your auto white-colored balance setting ALONE. Most cameras perform a congrats with this particular set to Auto. Should you ignore these tips and alter your white-colored balance setting, expect a green color cast within the entire image. White-colored balance settings won’t provide you with a white-colored background.



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Jewelry retouching services may include the following:

• Blemishes & spots removingjewelry retouching

• Color & Light Correction

• Contrast & Brightness adjusting

• Adding Shining

• Picture details enhancing & unwanted elements removing

• Image cropping & change background of photo to white

• Creating Natural Shadows

• Dust & Poor Reflection removing

• Image scaling




Removing blemishes & spots from images

Photographing jewelry items as, for instance, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or watches can`t exist today without jewelry retouching services. If you are engaged in jewellery business you definitely should make the pictures of your products extremely attractive and outstanding since you want to sell them. Needless to say, that the item should be presented perfectly – without any blemishes or scratches. Eliminating spots in the picture is crucial, because consumers want to buy jewelry of the highest quality and you must demonstrate it in a proper way. What`s more close-up pictures of the jewelry can`t but reveal any spots if they are. Our outsource photo retouching company provides you with powerful tools which help you to conduct image fix. Thus using photo manipulation services and online picture retouching you may easily get rid of these little drawbacks which really make the difference.

Online stores are to offer the exquisite, elegant and fashionable jewelry for all ages and for all strata of contemporary society. Customers want to buy items which are on sales, and definitely have no drawbacks, so they click the most excellent images of the jewelry. It`s obvious, that the most frequently bought products have no blemishes and spots! These stores also pay attention to watermark removal or adding logo to photo according to the situation.


Photo color correction

One more useful and necessary aspect of the professional product photography is to adjust color and light. The right choice and correction of these two elements is an essential part of creating a splendid image. One should always keep in mind that the effects of light and color adjustment may change the photograph radically: either to make it look admirable and delightful or poor and imperfect.

Moreover one should realize that different gems have their own peculiarities and require different light techniques. For example, if you are taking pictures of a flat stone, you will observe that such kind of stone is likely to lose glares in case you use too much white light. Here you should diffuse the light in order to make your best. In contrast to Faceted or flat stones, Cabochons need to be shot in such a way that to show the color as against to the shape.

To improve gemstone or change metal color and colorize photo in the proper metal color way pay special attention to their quality, shape and characteristics. You can use old photo restoration services if you want to renew damaged photo of your product.

So, light and color correction service give us the opportunity to highlight the most beautiful traits and true features of various jewelry items.


Adjust Brightness and Contrast

As it can be seen from the title of the given function, it helps to adjust contrast and brightness. The tool is not very difficult to use, but one shouldn`t be too quick: this step of basic post processing services for photographers needs careful and thorough work. Moreover it may be a pivotal point in the whole process, because brightness and contrast give more attractiveness to the photographed jewelry item and work in a team to contribute to the creative retouching.

This jewelry photography retouching tool may lead to the drastic changes in the image and add special charm and glamour to it. There are also some problems concerning these aspects. Thus if the picture is too bright, small details of some necklaces or rings can`t be vividly seen. In such case shots are too light and seem to be amateur. On the other hand, if the photograph is too dark, jewelry loses its glitter and appeal.

In terms of contrast, it also needs the appropriate level. The aim is to make the image a most beautiful and at the same time natural, in order for the clients to see what they pay for.


Adding more Jewelry Shining

We all like to wear beautiful earrings, watches, bracelets, chains…and, of course, they look more eye-catching if they are shining. At the party, for example, everyone from little girls to elderly women wants to shine like a diamond, because the desire to emphasize your unicity by various gemstones and precious metals, like gold or silver, is quite natural. It can lead only to one conclusion: in order to sell a jewelry item you should add shining to the photo!

Some playful glares adorn the images of the jewelry and people are likely to see the fusion of brightness and fashion. Add glitter to diamonds, gems, sapphires or emeralds, make stones more shining! Add also shine to silver, gold or platinum to improve image details and enhance the whole picture with our jewelry photography retouching firm.

With the help of cheap photo editing you will decorate the photographs with glitter and change their look. Jewelry business is rather a cut-throat environment where you should make the most of the opportunities to be competitive and stand out from the crowd. In terms of photography it is connected with all its spheres, as, for instance, portraiture, wedding photography or candid pictures. Even a small jewelry item wearing by a nude woman will look eye-popping, especially when it shines a lot.


Enhancing picture details & Removing of unwanted elements

You are sure to know the phrase “The devil is in details”, and it is quite suitable to the given situation. Each small part of the precious metal and gemstone must be perfectly presented. Professional retouchers and editors are to fix all the drawbacks and add glamorous and chic style to the photo. Using product photo retouching services professionals enhance picture details and also remove unwanted elements if it is necessary.

Some odd, redundant or needless items may spoil the whole impression of the picture and that is why you should certainly get rid of them with the help of jewelry photo retouching services. That will help you to avoid typical.

Take, for instance, wedding ceremonies: the bride and the groom are in search of wedding rings. It is common knowledge that this kind of jewelry should be really ideal, since it is a special symbol of love and loyalty. Consequently, the loving couple will be demanding, so the images of your products should boast all its best qualities for them to meet the aspirations of the bride and groom. They are likely to buy jewelry which has beguiling pictures with all the thought-out and alluring details.


Cut out background

One more issue which deserves our consideration is edit background of photo. This jewelry photo retouching service is helpful in case if you want to remove some particular items out of the whole image. What`s more retouchers and digital artists work hard and scrupulously in order to make photographs nice and professional.

Photography post processing companies provide services which suggest background removal service to edit or replace it in order to pay close attention to the jewelry item itself and thus make it more prominent. Besides you may also use this retouch jewelry tool, to clear or clean background if it is needed.

Photo editing with background changes is one of the main aspects of the given issue, since background is a significant part of the picture. It should be properly chosen or created to demonstrate the jewelry item in the most favorable light. Besides, the choice of background is also depends on the kind of the jewel you would like to show. For instance, rings with black diamonds require changing background of the photo to white, and rings with white diamonds may be shown either in the white or in the black background.


Creating Natural Shadow

Shadows are the essential retouch jewelry element of the pictures made by highly-qualified professionals. Exploring different techniques and photo editing services proficient specialists add shadow to the jewelry photo when it is required by the situation. Moreover, it is an open secret that shadows should be natural, which definitely helps to emphasize beauty and attractiveness of a jewel.

Being attentive to the details and using special image editing software such as Photoshop or LightRoom, jewellery photographers and editors should follow two main obligatory rules:

1. As it was mentioned, shadows should be natural and realistic;

2. One must be consistent. It means that you are to add only one kind of shadows to the set of your pictures in order for them to have the same professional look.

Realistic and natural shadows allow you to highlight distinctive features of your product; to focus customers` attention on the item which is going to be sold and make the image memorable by means of jewellery photo editing. Besides, with the help of shadows you are sure to know the answer to the question ‘how to improve photos’ and to make stone more shinning. Thus, shadows are considered to be a powerful tool to convince your would-be clients to buy your jewelry.

Removing Dust & Poor Reflection

To clear dust or to remove it seems to be evident in terms of jewellery photography. Being always in a public eye, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and other items must shine, attract and be crystal-clear.

Dust may make people consider your products to have low quality and you to provide bad service. It spoils the whole picture and even may trigger negative emotions. To avoid this you should always keep in mind, that jewelry must be ideal and such thing as dust is extremely unacceptable.

Now let us have a closer look at one more problematical item, i.e. reflections.

If you are not eager to make your clients strain their eyes while viewing your jewelry images you should avoid reflections which sometimes seem to be everywhere. Unfortunately, jewellery items are considered to be very reflective and it is sometimes difficult to shoot them without prominent drawbacks.

One should put jewelry on a flat surface, diffuse light, use umbrellas and white paper in order to shoot the product properly. But you may also use jewellery photo editing in order to get rid of what we call reflection. Just a few clicks and your jewelry images become ineffable and enchanting.